We are building non-invasive, at-home,
point-of-care healthcare products for
global communities.

At the core of our mission, is the delivery of tools that allows anyone to better
understand their health. Our contribution is the merging of data, technology and
human centric design to drive simplicity and greater access for all.

Our long term goals have been refocused to address the current demands that the
coronavirus pandemic has placed on all of us.


The Rosalind Franklin Labs at
iSCOPE Systems is working
on big and bold ideas that
impact human lives.

About RFranklin Labs.


The Rosalind Franklin Labs at iSCOPE Systems has been established to honour Rosalind Franklin, a prominent British Jewish Scientist whose work was central to the understanding of the molecular structures of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), RNA (ribonucleic acid), viruses, coal, and graphite.

The canonical virology of today, that is a single strand of RNA wrapped in nucleoprotein, self assembling to form a rod-like virion is all too familiar to us but Rosalind’s seminal work on virus structures was largely dismissed. She was, however, proven right on every count after her untimely death.

We celebrate her achievements and her attitude to dig deeper and challenge the status quo. The RFranklin lab is assigned with the task of developing products that are perceived as unconventional, paradigm shifting, ambitious and having an impact on human lives.

We are always looking for extremely talented humans, please contact us if you want to make an impact.